Product Info

Wira Eco Building System (WEBS) is a product of years of research by Wira Kerjaya Group of Companies to move forward from the traditional wood base design to using green and sustainable products, produced and fabricated off-site.

WEBS bring together the benefits of light gauge steel and the client’s choice of green building and insulation material to create a sustainable and cost effective building solution from the most basic affordable homes to high-end villas and medium rise structures.

The steel is of low carbon of grade S350 to S550, galvanized to 180g per sq. m.

WEBS can be used to construct factories, warehouses and up to six storey apartments. The walls are of light weight concrete and can be infill with insulation material. In addition suitable cladding material can be used on the walls. In general WEBS building is lighter and this translates into savings in the foundation cost.

WEBS provides a complete service, from Structural Design; to steel Frame Design and Manufacture; erection and architectural finishes as per client’ s specifications. Thus there is cost savings, minimum wastage, predictable outcome with expert at hand to ensure satisfaction and timely delivery of projects.

Together let us all create a better world through sustainable form of construction.

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