Wira Eco Building Systems (WEBS) utilizes three main components for the framing system, mainly the RHS/SHS, self tapping screw, as well as the revolutionary WEBS connector.

Utilizing the combination of the three, WEBS was devised to be a method ensuring a system that meets your requirement in designing and erecting a sustainable designed structure.


WEBS Floor System

WEBS floor system – The floor lies on joist 600mm centre to centre and can be of fiber board or metal deck type. A series of 24mm thick fibre cement boards are then placed on top of the floor joist followed by a 60mm cement render with BRC to ensure a strong floor system.


WEBS Wall System

WEBS wall System – can be of cladding material such as cement fiber board with or without infill material. The infill is of light weight cement mixture,  insulated material or thicker walls with air gap. The most common methods utilizes lightweight concrete combined with the strength of steel to create the perfect building. Another method of wall system that WEBS is also capable of integrating into our system is the dry wall system. This method uses the fibre cement board as the main finishing of the wall for a faster and elegant finish. This method is suitable for show houses as well as temporarily structure where mobility as well as disassembling is crucial to the development of the building.


The dry wall system in place before paint is applied.

The dry wall system in place after finishing is applied

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